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Mt. Ranier


for Pierce County Council — 3rd District (R)




Pierce County Council District 3: Graham, Spanaway, Roy, Eatonville, Ashford, Elbe, Puyallup, Kapowsin, Frederickson, McKenna, Mt. Rainier
Amy has lived in Pierce County for 39 years, and a resident of District 3 since 1998. She considers it an honor and a privilege to have served the district for 19 years, with three of those years as your elected County Councilmember.

Pierce County continues to grow at a pace that requires us to pay attention to the laws and policies being passed by our elected representatives, and those who influence them. County governments can and do increase our financial burdens and regulatory systems. Amy has been a watchdog for you, ensuring that Pierce County does not add too much to those burdens.

Regardless of which party holds control in the county, Amy’s philosophy is unchanging: BIGGER CITIZEN, SMALLER GOVERNMENT. Amy’s guiding principle has not changed: PEOPLE, PROPERTY, & PROSPERITY—People are the authority of their government; they have an unalienable right to their property (physical and intellectual), and that property can help people pursue prosperity.
We are a county of many talents with a “can-do” attitude for creating opportunities and maintaining the values that attract people from around the country. With your renewed support, Amy will continue to advocate for common sense, keeping spending in check, deterring crime, reducing regulatory burdens, expanding economic transportation opportunities, assisting those in need, and enhancing our beautiful landscapes.

A Note from
State Senator
 Jim McCune


My friends, At the end of 2020, I was term limited out of my position as a County Councilmember. I endorsed my assistant, Amy Cruver, to succeed me in that position. Since winning the seat, she continues to be a dedicated Pierce County Councilwoman and a passionate representative for the 3rd Council District. I remain committed to my endorsement of her. Please join me in continuing to support Amy in her re-election campaign to serve you for one more term.

Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune

State Senator

Jim McCune

About Amy

About Amy

Amy lives by the values and attitudes that were instilled in her growing up in the rural Midwest—don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal. She always worked when she could to buy school clothes or to cover miscellaneous expenses. Government was never on her radar. She received her bachelor's degree in business from Arizona State University. Several years after graduation, she met her now-husband and moved to Puyallup. Having worked as a sales representative for a video distributorship in Arizona, she continued in that field for several years. It so happened that the 3rd Council District was part of her sales territory.

Her interest in government grew when she and her husband were building their home in 2001. It was then she learned that the county was going to increase the distance of the buffer zone. That didn’t sit well, so she prepared testimony and spoke at the County Council meeting to oppose it. The ordinance was tabled that day, due to the crowd that showed up to oppose it. Thus began her passion to further pursue government; that led to her serving as the assistant to then-State Representative Jim McCune, and again as his county council assistant seven years later. 

During that time, she was elected to serve on the Charter Review Commission and served as a Drainage District Commissioner, where she was responsible for the overseeing the maintenance and cleaning of a 5-mile drainage system in the Graham/Eatonville area.

Amy enjoys helping others. You can find her advocating for seniors, farmers, property owners, business owners, youth, etc. You may see her assisting the Lion’s Club by serving roast beef sandwiches, with the GBA during their annual scholarship auction, helping the Eatonville Business Association with their annual 3rd of July celebration, or serving dinner with Eatonville’s Vision Team at one of Eatonville Family Agency’s free dinner events. 

She’s a member of the Farm Bureau, WA State Grange (Roy), Back Country Horsemen, Support Services for South Pierce Fire & Rescue District 17 (CERT), Eatonville Business Association (EBA), Graham Business Association (GBA), Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR), Citizens United for Responsible Education (CURE), Upper Nisqually Sportsman’s Club (UNSC), lifetime NRA, and the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). She loves reading, listening to informational talk shows, researching issues, attending church, and is a student of Citizens for Self Government (CSG). Amy's husband is a self-employed contractor. They have two grown sons who work in the trades, one daughter-in-law, and two amazing granddaughters.

Amy's Core Governing Principles

"Government exists to protect rights, not create them."

About Issues


Crime Prevention

It’s still not just a local problem—it’s a national crisis. If we’re going to deter crime, our deputies must have the tools to fight it. Policies by the majority party in Olympia tie their hands, which is why Amy supports Initiative 2113. Allowing police to pursue dangerous criminals is common sense. Government exists to protect the lawful from the lawless. Some say incarceration doesn’t contribute to harm reduction. Amy says incarceration is harm reduction. It’s a starting point to help a person reflect on the consequences of their lifestyle. She has always supported the needs of law enforcement—after all, what good are your assets if you don’t have law enforcement to protect them?

Economic Development,
Housing, & Transportation

Building a House

They are all interconnected. Pierce County will continue to struggle with generating revenue, building affordable housing, and alleviating road traffic until we can reduce building costs caused by excessive regulations, permits and fees, and misguided land-use rules. 


Amy fights for the American dream—home ownership. Industry is booming in Frederickson, but there aren’t enough homes for employees to live close to employment. The majority party has suspended the completion of Canyon Road to the Port of Tacoma—a commitment made to the industries decades ago for freight movement. Amy supports finishing Canyon Road.


We need a housing inventory that accommodates the many needs of our residents and a transportation system that serves them, but buildable land is hard to find or afford, because of a terrible regulatory system and rigid comprehensive land use plans that stifle growth.


Expanding broadband is a slow process with many obstacles, but Amy continues to persevere in that process, which is moving with a recent agreement to expand it in the Ashford/Elbe area. Amy is resolute in encouraging the Health Department to adopt a septic-self-inspection program for homeowners with septic systems.

Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

On the Trail

The 3rd Council District attracts people from around the world. The demand for more recreational amenities, workforce housing, and accommodations for the millions of visitors that come to recreate continues to challenge our everyday living. Amy will continue advocating for policies that balance the need for more recreational areas, economic growth, housing, and environmental concerns. She continues to push through red tape for the completion of important local projects such as the arena roof at Frontier Park.


Image by Jon Tyson
Amy is keenly aware of the financial burdens that government policies put on taxpayers. She advocates for the taxpayer—after all, she is one. Amy knows that taxpayers do not have infinite finances, and can only take so much taxation. That is why she supports Initiatives 2124, 2117, and 2109, which all address unfair taxing schemes that transfer people's hard-earned money to the government and expand an already-excessive state budget. She also opposed the unconscionable SB 5770, which would have tripled your property taxes, and stands against the recently announced guaranteed-income program for parts of unincorporated Pierce County.

Help Elect Amy

Your government belongs to those who participate. My campaign to be your local county representative and advocate for common sense values depends on your help. There are many levels of time and financial investments that should fit somewhere within your ability to help. Assistance in all forms will be greatly appreciated!


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