for Pierce County Council — 3rd District (R)




Pierce County District 3: Graham, Spanaway, Roy, Eatonville, Ashford, Elbe, Puyallup, Frederickson, McKenna, Mt. Rainier


Pierce County has been my residence since January 1, 1985. Council District 3 became my home in 1998. It has been an honor serving the district for the past 14 years as the assistant to Jim McCune, former state representative and current Councilmember for the 3rd Council District. I am excited to share that I am a candidate to be Councilmember McCune’s successor when his second successful and final term ends December 31, 2020.

Pierce County’s government is growing and it is important that its policies be prioritized according to the people. We must live within our means. My philosophy of BIGGER CITIZEN, SMALLER GOVERNMENT reflects my platform: PEOPLE, PROPERTY & PROSPERITY—People need to keep more of their property for their prosperity.

Applying the past 14 years of learning about your goals and your values and weaving them into local policies is an exciting opportunity, privilege and honor I embrace. I was there when you wanted blighted properties to be addressed—we did that! You wanted more deputies—we funded more! You wanted investments in parks and recreation—we got that!


We are a county of many talents with a “can-do” attitude for creating opportunities and maintaining the values that attract people from around the country. With your support, together we can work to keep spending in check, fight crime, reduce regulatory burdens, expand economic opportunities, assist those in need, and still keep our beautiful landscapes.

Amy Cruver  

A Note from Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune


My friends, At the end of this year, 2020, I am term limited out of office. Amy Cruver, my assistant for more than 14 years, is running for this seat. She will make a great Pierce County Councilwoman and a super representative for the 3rd Council District.
I have wholeheartedly endorsed her in this race. I thank you for your support for all these years. Now, it’s time for me to watch my grandchildren grow up. Please join me in supporting Amy to be the next Pierce County Councilwoman. I leave you in good hands.

Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune

Pierce County Councilman

Jim McCune


About Amy

For 35 years, Amy has called Pierce County home. She lives by the values and attitudes that were instilled in her growing up in the Midwest.


Amy received her bachelor's degree from Arizona State University. In 1985, she moved to Puyallup with her husband, David, and worked in the area as a sales representative. One evening while driving home on I-5, she changed radio stations and began to hear stories about government. The stories ignited a passion in her to learn more about her government and led her to seek work in that field.


In 2005, she became State Representative Jim McCune's assistant. Through this experience, she gained a wealth
of knowledge about the state’s systems and policies. She spent time with the people, listening to their concerns
and ideas. Amy continued serving at the local level when Rep. McCune was elected to the Pierce County Council.


In 2015, Amy was elected the Pierce County Charter Review Commission representing the 3rd Council District. She was also elected to serve as a commissioner for Drainage District 13 in 2015. As a commissioner, she and two other commissioners are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of a 5-mile drainage system (man-made ditch) located in the Graham/Eatonville area.



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Pierce County Deputy Sheriff’s  Independent Guild Local No. 1889

Amy has a heart to serve others. You will find her advocating for farmers, property owners, lakes, business owners, etc. She’s a member of the Farm Bureau, Back Country Horsemen, Support Services for South Pierce Fire & Rescue District 17, Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) and Citizens United for Responsible Education (CURE). She loves reading, listening to Hillsdale lectures, researching issues, attending church and is a student of Citizens for Self Government (CSG). Amy's husband, David, is a self-employed contractor. Their two grown sons, Keaton & Corbett, work in the trades. With Corbett is his fiancé, Leah Burgess.

About Issues

On the Trail

Parks, Recreation & Tourism

The 3rd Council District is one of the fastest-growing districts in the county. The demand for more local access to recreational opportunities is greater than the supply. You can visit destinations like Mt. Rainier, the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, and NW Trek in the 3rd District. We host the Pierce County Fair at Frontier Park.  Soon, Rails-To-Trails will soon run through Roy. Industry is booming in Fredrickson.  We can expand opportunities without compromising the rural character, and generate revenues that benefit local businesses and families. I will continue to press for the needed support to expand recreation and tourism.

Crime Prevention


It’s not just a local problem; it’s a national crisis. Justice must be metered out to criminals. Allowing transient freeloaders to live in squalor, deface property, openly inject destructive drugs, and steal is lawlessness. This is not acceptable in our civil society. It’s time for all levels of our representative governments to work together for viable solutions to this epidemic. Protecting the public from harm should be the #1 priority of government.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


People worry most about making ends meet. Too many of us feel we are one paycheck away from living under a bridge. Those who live on fixed incomes, particularly veterans, seniors and the disabled, are having to bear financial burdens they can’t afford. We work from January through April 20th to pay for our taxes. We are tied with California and they have an income tax! That’s too many days of your life working for government. In addition, federal and state spending has been out of control for decades.

Stacks Of Paper

Red Tape

It shouldn’t take months, let alone years, to build a project. Added costs of permitting, regulatory constraints, and taxes make purchasing a home or investing in projects like remodels, roads, and bridges, hurt our economy. Needed infrastructure continues to be pushed into the future as costs escalate. Current efforts to curtail regulations are not enough. We need more focus on removing obstacles from all levels of permitting.


Help Elect Amy

Your government belongs to those who participate. My campaign to be your local county representative and advocate for common sense values depends on your help. There are many levels of time and financial investments that should fit somewhere within your ability to help. Assistance in all forms will be greatly appreciated!


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